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Welcome to the official Web site of On Top Productions, a new video company, presenting HOT, YOUNG, MUSCLE STUDS who live to grapple on the mat, pitting muscle against muscle, entwined in arm and leg holds, their naked, muscular bodies and full-packed crotches pressed against one another in growing erotic urgency, cumming to an explosive man-on-man finish.

We welcome you to explore the site. Take a look in our Outtakes section where you can get an intimate view behind the scenes with some of your favorite guys. Check out the Holds section and get a preview of some of the regulation (and non-regulation) moves that these boys perform on each other. It'll get your heart rate up. We’ve added new uncensored pictures to the Adult area!

Get to know the stars of On Top Wrestling in our new On Top Men section. Open a viewer and see multiple photographs of the stars in action and a list of the videos in which you can find them.

Put On Top on your desktop with our new exciting Desktop Wallpapers. We'll be adding more of those over the next months as more of the exciting features in Series 5—currently in production—debut. And use the contact form to let us know which stars you would like to put on your desktop.

And, of course, you can browse the Online Catalog for the video you want to buy. And then purchase it here securely online with your choice of major credit cards.

You can also order our full-color Catalog for only $10. Order three or more videos and On Top will deduct 10% from your order total. And for a limited time, while supplies last, get a free On Top Productions baseball cap with your order of five or more videos. Order 10 videos and get both a cap and a free "Get On Top" t-shirt!

HOT BODIES, BEAUTIFUL MUSCLES, VISCERAL WRESTLING and SIZZLING SEX, all on the mat. ON TOP PRODUCTIONS is dedicated to bringing you hot new bodies and faces in a variety of wrestling venues and scenarios, with a higher percentage of explosive sexual action. Welcome! It’s about time you got On Top, don’t you think?

We love to get your feedback. If you have ideas—any scenarios you’d like to see—let us know. You can either send us e-mail or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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